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Executive Management

Selami Kaçamak  
Member of the Board & General Manager

Selami Kaçamak completed his undergraduate studies in the faculty of Business in 1978 at the Middle East Technical University(ODTÜ), between the years of 1978-2013, he held the positions as a Inspector, Assistant Manager and Group Manager in Turkey İş Bank A.Ş, and most recently held position as a General Manager of Northern Cyprus.


Dinç Erkman  
Assistant General Manager

Dinç Erkman joined the Near East Bank in July 2011 and he serves as the Asistant General Manager responsible for Treasury and Human Resources and he also established the Treasury Unit of the Bank. As of July 2014 he is the Asistant General Manager of The Near East Bank.

Before joining Near East Bank, Erkman served as the Treasury and Financial Institutions Manager of Türk Bankası Ltd. between 2003-2011.


Enver Haskasap  
Assistant General Manager

Enver Haskasap began his undergraduate studies in the Business Administration Department of Economics and Administrative Sciences in the Near East University in October 2001, and he graduated in 2007. He has a masters degree on Business Administration (MBA). Currently he is furthering his studies in Banking and Finance Graduate Program at the Near East University.


Cafer Lale
Assistant General Manager

Cafer Lale began his banking career in 1987 at İş Bank Turkey in the External Affairs Department, The first four years was as a clerk followed by five years in low level management. He was an International Banking trainee at İş Bank Turkey London Branch for 6 months in 1994.


Servet Kaçamak  
Our Bank Representative in Turkey

Servet Kacamak who planned to become a banker when he was a student at the Bussiness Administration Department of Middle East Technical University, finished the 23. Law training of the Banking and Trade Research Institute Law Faculty of Ankara university during this period as well. He also analyzed the functioning system of the branches and the general directorate of the T.C Ziraat Bank during the years 1979-1980 and 1981 under the supervisiıon of the Inspection Board.

He was included in the Inspection Board of the American Turkish Foreign Trade bank (Dışbank) which is an associate of the Turkish İş Bank in 1981.He was the General Manager both in the main branch and its branches at Dışbank.