Investment Solutions

Our Customer Service Representative will either be able to guide you themselves or involve one of our Investment Specialists to advise you as to how to best use the investment products that we have at the disposal for our customers. At Near East Bank we are proud of our in house treasury which allows us to provide our clients with cost effective investment products. Any advice given will be in keeping with attitude to investment risk and personal financial objectives. 

Foreign Currency Buying and Selling Transactions


  • You can buy and sell foreign currency in U.S. Dollars, Sterling and Euros with the special competitive exchange rates negotiated by the treasury of Near East Bank.

Forward  Transactions


  • You can determine an exchange rate for a future date and carry out buying and selling transactions. For this product, it would be sufficient to deposit 20% of the transaction you will make in our Bank as an earmarked deposit. Foreign currency buying and selling will take place on the maturity date at the exchange rate agreed in advance, and thus you will have the opportunity to protect yourself against exchange rate fluctuations.

Option  Transactions

  • You can purchase the right to buy or sell a foreign currency in set parameters on a future date against a commission. In case the exchange rate on the maturity date is favourable, you will be able to buy or sell foreign currency on the previously agreed exchange rate, otherwise you will have the right not to carry out the transaction. For this product, it would be enough to deposit 20% of the transaction you will make in our Bank as an earmarked deposit.


DCD  Transactions

  • Thanks to DCD transactions you can have the chance of making a higher return than term deposits. In DCD transactions you can determine the exchange rate and maturity, and determine an exchange rate according to your projection. If the exchange rate in the market on the stated date is below the exchange rate you have determined, for instance you will earn 3% more interest in addition to the deposit interest. If the exchange rate is above the rate you have determined on the stated date, we give you the DCD interest and convert your foreign currency to TL over the exchange rate you previously determined and give you the principal amount in TL. This product is not without some investment risk which will be fully explained to you by our Investment Specialists.


Gold Account

  • With our Gold Account, you will be able to buy and sell gold safely, and keep gold in your current or term deposit accounts without having the responsibility of physically possessing gold. The gold account will enable you to invest in gold without the risk of theft and without paying workmanship costs. Current Gold Deposit accounts can be opened with minimum 5 grams and Term Gold Deposit accounts have a minimum of 100 grams.



Treasury Bills, Government Bonds, Eurobond Buying   and Selling Transactions


  • We can facilitate the buying and selling transactions of Treasury Bills, Government Bonds and Eurobond which go can hold to maturity or trade before.