Bank Accounts

Be it large or small, all your savings can be kept safely in our bank. You can automatic send your regular income to our bank, withdraw money from the closest branch or thanks to our widespread ATM network (over 60 ATMs) around the country, you can draw money from your account wherever and whenever you wish. Transfers between your own accounts, or transfers to other bank accounts in the TRNC or abroad can be facilitate via a current account. You can set up a direct debit or standing orders payment from these accounts so that you don’t have to worry about paying your bills.

What follows is a brief expilanation of some of our bank accounts. 

Current  Account

For your day to day convenience. You can access your Turkish Lira or foreign currency instantly through your current deposit account, make automatic payments and transfer funds through this account. If required a cheque book facility can be incorporated with a current account.

Term Deposit Account

To ensure the best possible interest rates we have on offer you will need to open a term deposit account.  The amount of interest will depend on the amount invested and for how long you are willing to commit the funds. We offer one, three, six and twelve month accounts.  These accounts can be in all the major currencies (TL, GBP, EURO, USD).

Overnight  Account

It may not be appropriate for you to commit your funds for over a month so for deposits in excess of 100,000 TL in the near future we can offer you an overnight account. This means that you will maintain flexibility but also gain interest on your funds. 

Tracker Account

Why keep switching and checking your accounts to get the interest rate you want?  With the Tracker Account you will always have a great rate of interest and option of regular income.  The interest rate will track the Central Banks Base rate at a pre agreed set amount over  giving you peace of mind. 

Switching  Account

Now you don’t have to choose between FX flexibility and high interest with the Switching Account you can have both. The aim of this account is to allow the you the ability to earn interest at a fixed rate and term whilst giving the client the flexibility to change the currency that they are holding in the account.  

For more information please call into one of our branches and they will be able to work out what is best for you and offer highly competitive interest rates.