Card and POS Services

Credit  Card

  • With a Near East Card Plus Credit Card you can shop at over 24.5 million retail outlets around the world.
  • Wherever there is Visa/Mastercard logo your Near East Card Plus Credit Card will be welcome both home and abroad.
  • Our card allows you to draw money from our ATM's or from the ATM's of other banks that have the Card Plus logo on it.


Debit Card


  • You can use your Debit Card as a cash card taking funds directly from your current account.
  • 24/7 access to cash from your current account at all Near East’s ATM’s and from the extensive network of Card Plus ATM’s (currently over 60 around the TRNC).


Campus Card

An exclusive card for members of the Near East Family (Students and Employees)

  • This card offers all the benifits of Card Plus Credit Card.
  • You can also enjoy special offers within Near East University Campus and other designated locations.


For Application

If you would like to apply for one of our cards you will have to come in to the branch and you will need the following documents.

  • ID Card or passport original and a photocopy
  • Certificate of residence or an official document registered in your name (electricity or utility bills etc.)
  • Proof of Income (Salary or Pension slips)


Point of Sale(POS) Machines

We offer three main types of POS which all offer the benefit to the owner user of reducing the risks related to keeping cash in their business premises or on the move along with the fact that it can increase transaction volume with its features like instalments and plus-points.

Wired(Standard) POS Machines


  • Reduces the risks related to keeping cash in your business and extends your transaction volume with its advantages like instalments and plus-points.
  • Used with a connection through fixed lines.
  • Provides the opportunity of shopping with a magnetic card or chip cards.


Wireless(Mobile) POS Machines


  • Works independent from the mains electricity and the need to be connected to a telephone line.
  • Payments can easily be received at any place where there is mobile phone reception.
  • Facilitates work of companies which carry out operational deliveries, distribution companies etc.
  • Allows for shopping with magnetic cards and chip cards.


Wireless POS Machines


  • Most efficient and secure payment method used over the internet.
  • Adds value to your business in terms of image, promotion and competitiveness.
  • Allows for shopping in a very short sales process.
  • Increases customer satisfaction and continuity.